PyCon Russia 2015
18-19 сентября
под Екатеринбургом

PyCon Ukraine 2012 20.10.2012


PyCon Ukraine is an independent, community-run, community-controlled and not-for-profit conference dedicated to the Python programming language, Python applications, toolkits and frameworks and other "related" technologies - databases, GIS, high-load systems. It also features the place for socialization of the Ukrainian Python users. It is organised by the Kyiv Python User Group.

Conference Objectives

  • Analyze development trends
  • Share experience
  • Create a plot for socialization of the Python users
  • Improve Ukrainian brand in the Python world

Technical details

  • Activities: Talks, Tutorials, Lightning Talks, Demos, Open Spaces, Recruiting session and lots of hallway interaction.
  • Main language: English, working languages: Russian, Ukrainian

Всего 40 видео: