PyCon Russia 2015
18-19 сентября
под Екатеринбургом

High-performance SQLAlchemy

Vladimir Magamedov 01.11.2014

This talk is about using SQLAlchemy in an unusual way in
high-load application. It is about a library called
SQLConstruct, which was written in order to improve
performance and simplicity of our application. [HTML REMOVED]SQL
databases behave less and less like object collections the
more size and performance start to matter; object
collections behave less and less like tables and rows the
more abstraction starts to matter. SQLAlchemy aims to
accommodate both of these principles.[HTML REMOVED] – one of the
principles of the SQLAlchemy's philosophy. Thanks to this
principle, SQLAlchemy has not one but two levels of
abstraction: ORM and Core SQL. SQLConstruct lies between
them. It tries to save conveniences, which ORM gives to us,
and trying to accomplish speed and flexibility of the Core

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