PyCon Russia 2015
18-19 сентября
под Екатеринбургом

Doing BDD with Python and PyCharm.

Ilya Kazakevich 02.11.2014

I work for PyCharm for one year, and before that I did some
enterprise development in Java/Web world: web services, SOA
and other buzzwords. With all that background I got the main
idea of enterprise: business logic is dark, complex magic
with myriads of unobvious hard-to-test use cases
understandable only by domain experts like marketing people
or sales team. Unfortunately these people do not tend to
write automatic tests (even on such easy and user-friendly
language like Python): they speak human languages only. But
how can I convert human text into automated tests? The
answer is BDD! And that is what my talk about.

Методология Тестирование